Business to business & Affiliate marketing

Business to Business

Its the goal of Schindhelm Group to offer our hotel partners and guests the very latest gift items from the hotel showcase. Our first class offer combines a wide range of excellent customer service with easy and secure online shopping which makes shopping a unique experience.

Business to Business (min)

The main advantages of a cooperation:

  1. Selling of your hotel vouchers via our online-shop
  2. Showcase with gift items at your hotel
  3. Advertise your hotel on each gift box
  4. Commission fee for your hotel
  5. Virtual warehouse (no storage of the goods at the hotel)
  6. Promotion of your hotel-site at our customers
  7. Advertising and sales on several domains, worldwide
  8. Compensation from the online-shop for your hotel
  9. Extreme customer satisfaction
  10. Customer loyalty

Affiliate Marketing

Our online store offers a clear designed layout and is easy to handle. Whether on the first visit to the homepage or during the search for specific items, the online shop offers simple navigation and ease of use. The customers are guided through the shop to finalize your shopping quickly and easily.

Affiliate (min)

We track for you the world’s latest trends from leading designers and prepare new collections for our customers with experienced experts.

The main advantages of our online-shop:

  1. Easy navigation and intuitive operation
  2. Simple and safe shopping, worldwide
  3. Fast shipping
  4. Comprehensive and personal customer service
  5. Large range of products
  6. Gift wrapping service
  7. Big hotel voucher platform
  8. Newsletter
  9. Privacy Policy